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Enhanced Disruption/Fault Tolerant Bundle Delivery (EDIFY) System

funded under DARPA DTN program

New emerging network scenarios, such as mobile networks and battlefield ad-hoc networks, are challenging the current assumptions of the Internet Service model.  In such scenarios, an instantaneous end-to-end path between a source and destination may not exist, and the links between nodes may be opportunistic, predictably connectable, or periodically-(dis)connected.

Researchers of the Computer Science and Engineering Department at Lehigh University are working on a research project entitled "Enhanced Disruption/Fault Tolerant Bundle Delivery (EDIFY) System" to provide network services even when no end-to-end path exists.  The EDIFY system provides adaptive features that allow DoD networks to be transitioned from conventional networks to a more dynamic, self-forming, peer-to-peer architecture.

This project is sponsored by DARPA.

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